Ante la delicada situación que estamos viviendo a nivel mundial, desde Restaurante Frenezy, hemos decidido cerrar temporalmente.

Esta decisión atiende a un sentido de responsabilidad social hacia nuestro personal, clientes y amigos.

Queremos agradecer vuestra colaboración para que así, entre todos, podamos frenar la propagación del Covid-19.

The FreneZy philosophy is to differentiate our restaurant by using first quality fresh products, to offer our guests a creative menu, brought to you with an efficient and informed service, in a quiet atmosphere allowing you to enjoy your dinner and conversation.

All our products are bought fresh, and maintained in adequate temperature and conditions. The purchase, conservation, preparation and presentation of products and dishes are supervised constantly by our chef.

The menu changes periodically to give you the best of the season. Starters and main dishes present a choice of meats, poultry, fish, and seafood to accommodate any guest.
To accommodate specific wishes, we have introduced some starters and main dishes to share as starters, while other main dishes can also be presented as half-portions.